Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Media contact

Well usually I'm a total IT dinosaur but Simon a good friend from way back has supported me in getting this campaign on the internet.

Well you are reading my blog so you'll see what I mean. I began just putting my videos on Facebook but this blog will be so much better to direct folk to to explain the reason for my campaign.

Since my first complaint there has been some action! In the photo above you will see a new "patch" on the bottom right of the photo. The inspectors were sent by "Amey" who are contracted by Sheffield City Council to do the work. I offered to go out with them to show them the problem areas from my point of view but was declined. Hence these ridiculous, useless patches were placed wherever the inspectors had marked in yellow. 

I took the above photo on the day the Tarmac was placed yet look behind the patch!?!?!

Well today my campaign is in the Sheffield Star newspaper so hopefully the Council will start to get the idea. At the moment Jack Scott, local Counciller is saying "we are asking for the publics understanding" as the "streets Ahead"  project has a huge task!

I understand, do you? I understand that Sheffield City Council are failing their public duty under the Equality and Human Rights Act. Keep watching for hopefully some progress.

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  1. The standard or workmanship is staggering.... makes you proud - NOT!