Monday, 14 October 2013

Making a start

Well quite a lot has happened up to now so I'll give you a précis before keeping you up to date with progress in realtime in the future.

So! I started by taking the videos and then contacted the "Streets Ahead" dept at Sheffield City Council to inform them that I was starting a campaign to get local pavements and dropped kerbs improved,from a safety perspective. I had,a few weeks before,fallen from my wheelchair as it tipped over and threw me head first due to the kerb.

They informed that they had no record of my earlier request for three specific dropped kerbs to be improved! (6 months earlier)! Since then I have corresponded with their sub contractors "Amey". 

The upshot is that their inspector has decided that the pavements and kerbs are ""safe for general public use" and so small patches on my road were marked and patched up. Anything else must wait till 2016 when our turn comes up in the bid to improve roads and pavements for the whole city.

This has left me livid and determined to challenge this, even legally if necessary, as I am a member of that public but clearly have not been considered in their decisions! So! I contacted the local councillor ( Jack Scott ) and the local Newspaper. "The Sheffield Star"

Simultaneously I put my videos and comments on Facebook for all my friends, and one video on YouTube called "Townend Trip". Please view it on there to push up the hits.

Tomorrow I'll tell you more as I'm hoping an article will be published in the Sheffield
Star tonight. 

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