Saturday, 4 January 2014

Jane's Action For Sheffield Streets

Jane's Action For Sheffield Streets

After much success with the dropped kerbs being repaired in my area, I have had a second article printed in the local Newspaper. Thanks go out for the positive journalism on my behalf. 

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Council involvement

Well I know I've been silent for a while but hopefully the wind's changing!

I should have had a meeting with a chap from the council a couple of weeks back but due to him being ill a different chap came out today. He walked round the area with me and took lots of photographs. 

Having listened to me and seeing for himself the barriers I face,  Mr Kay seemed to say that despite not being able to change the whole "streets ahead" schedule, he would try to put my case forward.

Woohoo!! Results I hope!!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Patience is a virtue!

Im trying to be patient, as requested by councillor Jack Scott, but guess what? I can't wait till 2016 to be able to use the pavements safely!

I'm also waiting for a reporter to call me back from Calendar news and a solicitor from Irwin Mitchell to call at 2pm this afternoon. I'm hopeful that they'll agree to represent me against the council on a no win no fee basis.

So as you can see its patience all round and I've never been good at it! I'll have to embrace this new quality in order to get better at it! So will you too actually as we wait for news from all the above.

Going nowhere fast

Thursday, 17 October 2013


I've had a letter from the Sheffield City Council which came after the Star article was published but referring to a call I made to them several weeks before. Basically the upshot is.....NOTHING!

The response said that all areas are scheduled to be improved and that schedule seems to be written in stone! They say that all roads are inspected regularly and made safe when needed. Well I say that stinks because, as you'll know from this blog, such an inspection took place at my request which resulted in......tiny, ineffectual patches in indiscriminate areas. Do I feel safe? "No"!

Now I need to reiterate that to them and insist that they ask me where feels unsafe. I refuse to wait till 2016

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Today's Sheffield Star Article

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Media contact

Well usually I'm a total IT dinosaur but Simon a good friend from way back has supported me in getting this campaign on the internet.

Well you are reading my blog so you'll see what I mean. I began just putting my videos on Facebook but this blog will be so much better to direct folk to to explain the reason for my campaign.

Since my first complaint there has been some action! In the photo above you will see a new "patch" on the bottom right of the photo. The inspectors were sent by "Amey" who are contracted by Sheffield City Council to do the work. I offered to go out with them to show them the problem areas from my point of view but was declined. Hence these ridiculous, useless patches were placed wherever the inspectors had marked in yellow. 

I took the above photo on the day the Tarmac was placed yet look behind the patch!?!?!

Well today my campaign is in the Sheffield Star newspaper so hopefully the Council will start to get the idea. At the moment Jack Scott, local Counciller is saying "we are asking for the publics understanding" as the "streets Ahead"  project has a huge task!

I understand, do you? I understand that Sheffield City Council are failing their public duty under the Equality and Human Rights Act. Keep watching for hopefully some progress.