Thursday, 7 November 2013

Council involvement

Well I know I've been silent for a while but hopefully the wind's changing!

I should have had a meeting with a chap from the council a couple of weeks back but due to him being ill a different chap came out today. He walked round the area with me and took lots of photographs. 

Having listened to me and seeing for himself the barriers I face,  Mr Kay seemed to say that despite not being able to change the whole "streets ahead" schedule, he would try to put my case forward.

Woohoo!! Results I hope!!


  1. Excellent news - lets hope he follows through.
    Irony being what it is though; we cut around the top and west side of Sheffield the other day (Hillsbro, Middlewood, Wadsley, Stannington etc) and all those little "out in the sticks" connecting roads have ALL be newly resurfaced completely!! I mean... if you were into rollerblading - those roads now are as smooth as silk..
    So... how can they do all that work, often on roads that get hardly any traffic and leave people falling down potholes just to get to their local shop?!

    Yer couldn't make it up!!

  2. Good you keep up the pressure a helpful get as many other services involved i.e if you have one a disabled access officer and any disabled people in your area plus the m/s society and any other disabled group.Never take no for an answer disability discrimination act may help too. would be interested t know how you get on.Here in Oxfordshire we are hoping to get more done.Not only pavements but toilets,building access too.Disability is not one size fits all